Hilton Garden Inn
International Blvd, North Charleston SC


All Types of Media Arts Convention (ATOMACON) is a multi-genre,family friendly, Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention celebrating our 5th year. This year's charity is the Sea Turtle Care Center at the SC Aquarium.

Guest of Honor this year is JASON FRY.

Jason is the Author of the Jupiter's Pirates Series, The Last Jedi Novelization, and over 30 Star Wars books!


Artist Guest of Honor is John Hairston, Jr.


  • Jason Fry Jason Fry Guest of Honor
  • John Hairston, Jr John Hairston, Jr Artist Guest of Honor
  • Gail Z Martin Gail Z Martin Author Special Guest
  • John Hartness John Hartness Author, Publisher Faltstaff
  • Antler Hill Antler Hill Musical Performance Group
  • Dimensional Riffs Dimensional Riffs Musical Performance Group
  • Gray Reinhart Gray Reinhart Author, Slushmaster, Filker
  • The Otherside Paranormal Team The Otherside Paranormal Team Mary Lawton Johnson, Joe Santos, Lisa Albert
  • Kamika Mattis Kamika Mattis Author
  • Alex Matsuo Alex Matsuo Paranormal Author
  • Alexandra Christian Alexandra Christian Author
  • Tally Johnson Tally Johnson Author, Storyteller
  • Misty Massey Misty Massey Author, Dancer, Pirate
  • Jason Gilbert Jason Gilbert Author
  • Melissa McArthur Melissa McArthur Author
  • Charlie Kaufman Charlie Kaufman Scientist
  • Guardians of Geekery Guardians of Geekery Podcasters Matt, Joey and Carol
  • James McDonald James McDonald Author
  • Leona Wisoker Leona Wisoker Author, Editor
  • SL Fighur SL Fighur Author
  • Nickie Jamison Nickie Jamison Author
  • D.J. McGuire D.J. McGuire Podcaster, Musician
  • Chris Shrewsbury Chris Shrewsbury Rolling Thunder Cosplay
  • Bill Ferris Bill Ferris Author
  • Darin Kennedy Darin Kennedy Author
  • JD Jordan JD Jordan Author
  • Rebecca Enzor Rebecca Enzor Author
  • Michael Mammay Michael Mammay Author
  • Alex Gideon Alex Gideon Author