Hilton Garden Inn
International Blvd, North Charleston SC


All Types of Media Arts Convention (ATOMACON) is a multi-genre,family friendly, Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention celebrating our 5th year. This year's charity is the Sea Turtle Care Center at the SC Aquarium.


  • Gray Reinhart Gray Reinhart Author, Slushmaster, Filker
  • Kamika Mattis Kamika Mattis Author
  • The Otherside Paranormal Team The Otherside Paranormal Team Mary Lawton Johnson, Joe Santos, Lisa Albert
  • Jason Gilbert Jason Gilbert Author
  • Charlie Kaufman Charlie Kaufman Scientist
  • Alex Matsuo Alex Matsuo Paranormal Author
  • Melissa McArthur Melissa McArthur Author
  • Guardians of Geekery Guardians of Geekery Podcasters Matt, Joey and Carol
  • James McDonald James McDonald Author
  • Leona Wisoker Leona Wisoker Author, Editor
  • SL Fighur SL Fighur Author
  • Nickie Jamison Nickie Jamison Author
  • D.J. McGuire D.J. McGuire Podcaster, Musician
  • Misty Massey Misty Massey Author, Dancer, Pirate