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11/17 FRIDAY        
4pm Opening Ceremonies Scientific Methods in Paranormal Research The Power of Social Media to Market Your Product  Cosplaying with Your Kids 4:00 - 9:00 Starfinder quests
  We will introduce our guests, highlight some of the convention's offerings.   Whether it is a book, CD, game, or event, Social Media can be a powerful media tool. Kid's love dressing up. Our panelist will discuss some of ways your kids can dress as their favorite character, but remain comfortable. Pokémon 3DS Demos/ Trade and Play
Pokémon TCG Demos/ Trade and Play
    Tally Johnson, Chuck Carte James McDonald, Gray Rinehart,William Fripp, Nickie Jamison, Gail Z Martin
Matilda Cayne,Leann Rettell 4pm Smash Bros Amiibo Registration
5pm Quick Sketch Contest Nerdiquette Tales of Rejection:  Steven Universe-Why you shouild be watching Smash Bros Amiibo Tournament
  We will give you the prompt and you have 30 minutes to create your interpretation. Prizes award:Adult,Teen, Child Convention first timer? Not sure how to approach Cosplayers or join in the gaming? This panel will give you the dos and don’ts to make your time at the convention the best ever! Authors gather and tell stories of rejections, what they learned from them, how the overcame the ego and self-esteem blow, and how they kept going. An in-depth look and discussion about the overall themes of Steven Universe like friendship, gender, and representation.  
  Christine Brunson, Matilda Cayne Chris Shrewsbury, Jada Diaz Stuart Jaffe,Jason Gilbert, Leona Wisoker,Misty Massey, Samantha Bryant Jason McConnell, Xio Sosa  
6pm Concert: Forest Path The Otherside Paranormal Team The Art of Writing a Media Tie-In Novel Dr Who: What’s new?  
    CANCELLED How difficult is it to write in someone elses world?  What are the restrictions?   What's in store for the new  Doctor? What do you look forward to?   
      Keith DeCandido, Gail Z Martin Chuck Carte  
7pm Reel Carolina Film Screenings- Short Films Using Geographic Information System (GIS) to monitor Zombie CVOutbreaks;Responding to Gojira,  Female representation in books and film.  How far have we come? Filk: It isn't a dirty word  
  Showcasing some of the Carolinas best independent  short films. Screaming Hell by John and Scott Johnson
Cartoonish by Ken Cohen
Puppy by Matt Slechter and Michael Whaley ,Debbie Lynn by Sean Krumbholtz
Charlie Kaufman gives a great presentation on how real-life disaster planning works using a Zombie Out Break and Godzilla attack.  This is very fun presentation not to be missed!   Ever made up different words to songs to express your fandom like Weird Al? You don't have to be a great musician or song writer. Just have fun and sing along with other fans!  
  Michelle Iannantuono, Moderator Charlie Kaufman Nicole Kurtz, Samantha Bryant, Margaret McGraw, Kamika Mattis,Misty Massey, SL Figuhr Larry Kirby, Donna and Frank Parker, Gray Rinehart  
8pm SCI-FI Hollywood Game Night Science of Pokemon' Gods and other deities in your stories All things DC in comics, film, and TV  
  Join our guest and play a variety of games for prizes!  Fun for all! Audience participation a must! How is evolution in Pokémon different than real world evolution? Why are there so many Pokémon based of inanimate objects?
With popularity of  American Gods to Percy Jackson, how to incorporate god-like entities in your fiction.  Who got it right and who missed the mark?    
  Charlie Kaufman, Host, Misty Massey, Chris Shrewsbury, Gray Rinehart, Darin Kennedy Charleston Museum Natural History Curator,Matt Gibson, Bill Ferris James McDonald, J Kyle McNeal, Michael Livingston,John G. Hartness Jada & Luis Diaz,Richard Harris  
9pm   Demonology Medieval Archetypes in Sci-fi, and Fantasy Open Filk  
      How has historical armor, myths, tropes, and wars influenced Sci-fi/Fantasy Bring your voice and any musical instrument and sing along!  
    Alex Matsuo Michael Livingston, Gail Z Martin    
  Main Programming
Science & Tech /Paranormal
Fandom / Costuming
11/18 SATURDAY        
9:00 AM       Chainmail 101 Well Dressed Puppet
        Join Dina of Hooks N Toggles as she will give you the basics to make your own key chain. Small fee for materials. Join Cheralyn Lambeth as she will teach you how to make your own puppet to take home. She will also have kits available of your favorite characters for a small fee.
        Dina Barron Cheralyn Lambeth
10:00 AM BAEN Books Traveling Road Show Is Your House Haunted?  Practical Self Defense Workshop Gods and Humans 9:00 - 2:00 Pathfinder quests
  Slush master and author Gray Rinehart will fill you in on all Baen's upcoming releases.  Foks will have a chance of winning free books! Discussion of symptoms to determine if your house is haunted. Second-degree black belt Keith R.A. DeCandido teaches some basic methods of defending yourself against a physical assault. Absolutely no martial arts training required. Comfortable clothes recommended. A discussion of the popularity of Gods interacting with humans as Portraited in American Gods, Legion, Percy Jackson, Clash of the Titans, etc.

Sun and Moon Premier Challenge (3DS) Tournament Registration

Pokémon Trading Card Demos/ Trade and Play

Pokkén Tournament Registration

  Gray Rinehart Alex Matsuo, Tally Johnson, Keith DeCandido James McDonald, Margaret McGraw, William Fripp  
11:30 AM Noise Complaint Filmmaking on a Budget Short Story Writing Workshop I’m not Dead yet  
  Florida's Premiere Cosplay Tap Dancing Group!   Writing a short story can be different for writing novels.  It may be a way to add to your resume before your novel. A panel discussing The Walking Dead/ Fear of the Walking Dead  12 PM
Sun and Moon Premier Challenge Tournament
    Chuck Carte, Michelle Iannantuono, Michael Whaley Stuart Jaffe, James McDonald, Melissa McArthur, Alexandra Christian Jada & Luis Diaz, Darin Kennedy  
1:00 PM SCI-fi Music Trivia How to know the right business to start The Perfect Pitch Star Trek: 50 years and beyond  
  This is an audience participation panel! We will give you a list of Sci-fi theme songs, you match them with 15 second clips.  Prizes to be awarded. Dr. David J. Hansen of the College of Charleston will give you tips and answer your questions about finding the right business model. You have written your short story or novel. How do you craft a pitch to catch the interest of agents and publishers? Our panelist will give you some pointers and resources. A study of the evolution of Star Trek and how it will continue in the years to come.  
    Dr. David Hansen Misty Massey, Samantha Bryant,Leann Rettell,Gray Rinehart, John G. Hartness Keith DeCandido, Chris Shrewsbury, Donna and Frank Parker, Winfield Strock

2PM Sun and Moon Premier Challenge Tournament Continued

TCG Tournament Registration
Pokkén Tournament DX

3pm TCG Tournament

2:30 PM Concert: Dimensional Riffs Cleansings (House Blessings) Spirit Removal The anatomy of a Web Comic Cosplay on a Budget Charity Auction
  They will be playing lively tunes about Dr. Who, Firefly,Harry Potter, etc. the methods, materials, and processes of riding a location of negative or persistent entities. How is designing a web comic different than paper version? What are the technical aspects of getting your comic online? Some tips by the experts how to get the best costumes but not break your bank account! Help us raise money for Pets for Vets and MUSC Children's Hospital
    Alex Matsuo Christine Brunson, Jimmy Steen, Kamika Mattis Matilda Cayne, Cheralyn Lambeth,Chuck Carte Gray Rinehart
4:00 PM Filk Concert: Filk Ferrets  Cyber-bunk?  Open Pitch: Falstaff Books Rebels, Rogues, and Stormtroopers Charity Auction Cont'd
    Hollywood has been attempting to "Hack the Planet" on screen for decades, but have they ever gotten it right? See some of the best (worst?) examples of Hollywood Hacking and explore whether any of them are grounded in reality Ever want some direct feedback on your novel ideas? Join John Hartness, editor of Falstaff Books and pitch him your ideas.  He will listen and give you feedback, maybe offer you a deal. 40th Anniversary of Star Wars  
  Donna and Frank Parker Paul Visentin John Hartness Chris Shrewsbury  
5:30 PM Using Geographic Information System (GIS) to Plan for a Sharknado Attack Staying Safe and Secure Online #Hold on to the Light: The stereotype of the tormented genius The game is afoot…..All things Sherlock 5:30 - 9:00 Starfinder quests
  Charlie Kaufman gives a great presentation on how real-life disaster planning works using a Sharknado Attack.  This is very fun presentation not to be missed! Advances in technology have made the world a more interconnected place. These advances bring us closer to friends, family and colleagues, but they also expose us to new risks each day. Learn some practical tips to keep you and your family "Safe and Secure Online" The famous creative professionals in history who were known to have mental health issues and who dealt with those issues in their work. How individuals use their craft to  balance creativity and mental health issues to stay sane and healthy. Sherlock Holmes has been around for 130 years.  A discussion of the various forms of Homes in Literature, Film and Television TCG Tournament
  Charlie Kaufman Paul Visentin M.Massey, Gail Z Martin, Leona Wisoker, John G. Hartness Keith DeCandido,Stuart Jaffe, Alexandra Christian, Tally Johnson, Nickie Jamison
Sun and Moon Premier Challenge Tournament Continued
7:00 PM Costume Contest/Masquerade Interacting with mediums  Diversity and Inclusion in Literature Great TV Shows You are now watching  
    How to pick the right medium, how not get scammed.   Open forum discussion about your favorite TV shows others may have not watched such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, Expanse,Stranger Things, etc.  
  Scott Brunson, MC, Rob Himmelsbach, Keith DeCandido, Matilda Cayne, Chris Shrewsbury Alex Matsuo Samantha Bryant, Margaret McGraw, Kamika Mattis, Nicole Kurtz Jada Diaz Moderator, Alexandra Christian,Leann Rettell, Nickie Jamison,Chuck Carte
8:00 PM Kobayashi Review Trivia The 6 Monster Archetypes: All monsters classified into 6 categories of monster Writing for an anthology, series or shared universe All things Legend of Korra  
  Do you know things? Nerdy things? Put that “useless” knowledge to the test against our panel of Geeky Experts (Geek-sperts?) and win chocolate or sugar-free equivalent!  Contestants are picked from volunteers from the audience, which means YOU could beat the Kobayashi Review!   The ins and outs of writing in someone else’s universe    
   Chris Shrewsbury,Jada Diaz, Paul Visentin Jason Gilbert, James McDonald, Gail Z Martin Nicole Kurtz, Margaret McGraw,Misty Massey, Melissa McArthur,Alexandra Christian, John G. Hartness Scott and Christine Brunson  
9:00PM   Ghost Hunting vs. Ghostbusting:  The Science and the Fiction   Open Filk  
     Join our panelists as they discuss the actual science behind some of the Ghostbusters gear, combined with tips and resources on how to create your own static Ghostbusters props.   Bring your voice and any musical instrument and sing along!  
    Alex Matsuo, Tally Johnson, Cheralyn Lambeth      
  Main Programming
Science & Tech /Paranormal
Fandom / Costuming
11/19 SUNDAY        
10:00 AM Crochet 101 Conventions and Cosplay with Disabilities Witches, Warlocks, and Wizards in Fantasy Novels Charleston Comic Creators with Christine Brunson, Jimmy Steen 10:00 - 2:00 Starfinder Society Scenario 1-03 Yesterday's truth
  Learn the basic crochet stitches and how to read the directions.  Chris will explore the challenges and opportunities facing those dealing with many types of disabilities. This discussion is not only for people that identify themselves as disabled, but also for family, friends, and anyone wishing to learn how to be a support.  Panelist discuss their favorites and the difficulties of writing about magical people What is this group about? How do you join?-  League Challenge Registration (TCG)

Smash Bros Tournament Registration
  Becky Millwater Christopher Shrewsbury Jason Gilbert, SL Figuhr, Stuart Jaffe, Misty Massey, J Kyle McNeal Christine Brunson, Jimmy Steen  
11:00 AM Large Prop Building Workshop Ghost Stories with Tally Johnson Author Reading- Keith DeCandido An Evening at Camp Crystal Lake:  League Challenge Tournament (TCG)
  Building large props like a TARDIS and Robots like R2D2 can be a big job. Our experts will give your tips to build your own large scale prop. Come listen to the ghostlore of the Carolinas as told through the unique voice of our master storyteller.   A look at Jason Voorhees and why the Friday films are so loved Smash Bros Tournament
  Chuck Carte, R2 Builders, Cheralyn Lambeth Tally Johnson Keith DeCandido Jason Gilbert, Nickie Jamison
12:00 PM All things Marvel in comics, film, and TV Video Game: Hits and Misses Tools of the trade-what every writer should have in their arsenal- Geek Rants  
  From the new series: Inhumans, Defenders to the upcoming movies. Come and discuss what is your favorites! Which games met expectations, which fell flat? Which were your favorites? What are you looking forward to?   A good natured discussion about what bugs you about your favorite fandom. From continuity to cancellations.  
  Jada & Luis Diaz, Joey Starnes Austin Butts, Morgan Skye S.Bryant, M. McArthur, Leona Wisoker,Alexandra Christian, J Kyle McNeal, John G. Hartness Jason Gilbert, Chris Shrewsbury,Chuck Carte  
1:00 PM Filking the Con Away Ghost Hunting in the Real World The Wild West in a Sci-fi Universe    
  Donna and Frank Parker, Larry Kirby. Gray Reinhart How does real life ghost hunting compare to that portrayed on television? From Wild, Wild,West, Firefly, West World, and Cowboys Vs Aliens; the Wild West Culture is becoming a staple in the Sci-fi genre.    
    Alex Matsuo, Tally Johnson, Cheralyn Lambeth Margaret McGraw, Misty Massy    
2:00 PM Con Wrap up        
Prefunction Space in Front of Hall C: Embassy Suites Bar:    
SAT  10:00 AM Minion Scavenger Hunt
Our minions are looking for a new super villain to follow! Find our minions. Prizes awarded for the most collected.
 SAT 6PM: Costume Contest Workmanship Judging -Holding Area Saturday 9PM
Falstaff Books Mixer:  Stop by the bar, buy a drink and have one on one conversation with the authors, maybe buy a book or two!
DEALER'S ROOM:   Friday- 3pm to 9 pm   Saturday -10 am - 7 pm   Sunday- 10am - 2pm  




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