What is happening arround the Con?

AtomaCon is a multi-genre, panel driven convention.  What does that mean? It means we are not just a Horror Con, Anime Con, Gaming Con or ComicCon.  We have elements of all. Our Con is for fans by fans. Any member may participate as a panelist and even suggest panels. The following is just a sample of some of the things going on this year:

In Main Programming we will have performances by Noise Complaint
Cosplay Tap Dance Group, Bands Forrest Path and Dimensional Riffs, and a
couple of Filk sing alongs with the Nefarious Filk Ferrets.

  • Our Guest of Honor, Keith R.A. DeCandido will be conducting a self-defense class on Saturday.
  • New this year is the Reel Carolina Film Showcase.  We will be
    screening some of the best films from independent Carolina filmmakers.
  • We will also have a costume contest Saturday night with trophies, prizes
    which include membership to the 2018 convention, sewing kits and a grand
    prize of a Brother Sewing Machine.

We have gaming- Pokémon' tournaments, Smash Brothers, Magic the Gathering and other games TBD. Starlite Gaming will also have video games to demo during the Con including a Mario Kart 25th Anniversary tournament!

We will also be using the other end of this hall for our demos, make and takes, and Quick Sketch Contest.  Some of the make and takes include a Cthulu, BB8, Deadpool and
Minion Ornaments, Puppet Making with Cheralynn Lambeth, Chainmail making
with Dina Barron, Crochet 101 with Becky Millwater. Many of these events will be kid friendly with some adult help. We will also have a Minion Scavenger Hunt with prizes on Saturday at 10am for kids only.

Our three breakout rooms will have panels covering literature, comics, writer's workshops, costuming, paranormal topics, science and technology, as well as fandom (Star Wars, Star Trek, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Steven Universe just to name a few).

Our vendors room, artist and authors alley will host a variety of vendors and artists as well as our fan groups such as the 501st Garrison, R2 Builders, and Southern Belle Ghostbusters.

On Saturday at 2:30, we will hold our Charity Auction to benefit Pets for Vets and the MUSC Children's hospital.
If you would like to donate, please contact us at

How can I get involved?
You can volunteer.  8 hours during the Con gets you a free badge and other
perks.  Fill out the application Here.  We have openings in a variety of areas for both Staff and onsite volunteers.

You can be a sponsor.  For more information, check out our Sponsor Page located HERE.

  • Star Wars Books Star Wars Books Donated by DK Publishing
  • Captain America Book Captain America Book Donated by DK Publishing
  • Star Wars Books Star Wars Books Donated by DK Publishing
  • Star Wars Books Star Wars Books Donated by DK Publishing
  • Star Trek Book Star Trek Book Donated by DK Publishing
  • Sherlock Book Sherlock Book Donated by DK Publishing
  • Monsters of the Movies Monsters of the Movies Donated by DK Publishing
  • BB8 Beanie BB8 Beanie
  • Grumpypus Grumpypus
  • Pacman and Ghosts Pacman and Ghosts
  • Minion Minion
  • Cat in the Hat Cat in the Hat
  • Laying Kitty Laying Kitty
  • Deadpool Deadpool
  • Pokemon Figures Pokemon Figures
  • BB8 BB8
  • Pokemon Figure Pokemon Figure
  • R2D2 Beanie R2D2 Beanie
  • Pokemon Figure Pokemon Figure
  • Unicorn Unicorn
  • Pokemon Figure Pokemon Figure
  • Baby Chithulu Baby Chithulu

Costume Contest Trophies

Our convention supports a no tolerance harassment policy both at the convention site and via any social networks, blogs or websites during the convention. Any violators will be removed from the convention area, any posts removed from online sources and they will be permanently banned from future conventions with no refund of any funds spent. ATOMACON reserves the right to deny membership to any individual who has practiced harassment or bullying either at other conventions or on social media sites.
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