Hilton Garden Inn
International Blvd, North Charleston SC
$134 a Night includes: Breakfast, Fridge, Microwave, Keurig, Free Wifi and Parking
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$30 Adults $15 Teens until May 15, 2018

$35 Adults $15 Teens until August 15, 2018

$40 Adults $20 Teens until November 15, 2018

At the Door: $45 Adults $25 Teens

Memberships-3 Days
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We need volunteers for all aspects of the Con. You must be available all three days and work 8 hours total to get a free badge and other perks. Please email the appllication to info@atomacon.org

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Eternal Memberships

A limit number of Eternal Memberships are available for $250 each. This includes membership for the life of the Con and other perks.

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Guest Application

Click here to get an application. Guest applications for Authors is now closed. We are still accepting applications for Paranormal and Filmmaking related Guests.

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